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This Letter Should Not Be Considered Financial Advice Because It Aint.
10 Year Internet Entrepreneur Reveals The #1 Way To Cash in Daily Crypto Returns of 50, 100, & in some cases 1,000 Percent or More!  

In just a few short months, he's transacted deep six figures in crypto. Receipts are provided in this leter.

...The result of headaches, heartaches, sleepless nights, and tens of thousands of dollars of my own money spent. I've finally boiled it all down into a simple system that anyone of any experience can use called


Poocoin Profits is my unique strategy to consistently winning each day with new token launches on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

"Ugghhh, what is Cyrpto? what is the Binance Smart Chain? Does mean I need to read charts and crap?"

Let me address those questions really quickly...

Essentially this is what Crypto is:

Digital currency that removes the need of centralize financial services such as a bank. You can freely & securely send or recieve it in minutes without needing a website, emails, or some sort of "middle man" approval.

You can act as your own bank.

Said another way:

-No one can stop you from using it (Permission-less)
-The network is designed in a way that makes it virtually impossible for hackers to shut it down due (blockchain description below)
-A cheap & fast payment method. You can send money to someone across the globe in seconds at a mere fraction of the cost to send money across the globe through a centralized payment institution (such as an international wire transfer)

Cryptocurrencies aren't all created equally.

There are many different kinds of crypto & several different blockchains they are based on.

A Blockchain chain is simply a database.

Each entry into this data base is called a block. Each block is cryptographically linked to the previous block, creating a "chain" of blocks and because of this blocks can never be changed. 

The chain we will be focusing on is Binance Smart Chain.

(If you need the technocrappo' explanation & want to feel extremely overwhelmed, you can Google different explanations)

I am going to show you a simple, proven strategy to making money each and every day on the BSC...don't worry...


Right now, (the site in question) is...

#759 Ranked in internet traffic & engagement over the past 90 days & everyone there is buying or selling...

REVEALED: How to consistently cash in with crypto without needing to read charts or sit around all day staring at a screen "day trading"...  

518% in 18 minutes! $100 in and $518 out!

Hi, my name is Ryan McKinney, most people just call me RyMac.

I am writing you this letter today with the hopes you can learn something new & profit from it.

I have a long history of figuring out ways to making money using nothing but the internet...

Nearly 10 years ago I walked away from a cushy 6 figure day job to become my own boss, using nothing more than the internet.

In 2010 I found this forum called the "Warrior Forum" where I spent a lot of time learning and sharing my journey as I started to figure out how to make my own way.

I decided my path would start with selling "marketing" services to small business, more specifically search engine optimization (SEO) - it was attractive because I could outsource the service for a low price & sell it for a much higher price...

(Which is EXACTLY what Poocoin Profits is, buy at rock bottom price and sell at higher price, you just don't have to deal with humans)

I received my first client call & within a few months I was quitting my job to be a full time online entrepreneur...

Check out the progression below...

(and wtf was I thinking 10 years with that silly cartoon image of me? sigh)
"Since that day I have created, innovated, & taught dozens of my unique systems to tens of thousands of people from all over the globe..."

Today I am going to help you with a niche crypto market called Poocoins AKA shitcoins

WARNING: The shitcoin market is extremely risky and you should never spend money you're not ready to lose. 

I'm here to be transparent, I'm not here to trick you into something you shouldn't be doing.

This letter is intended to educate you & give you a chance to learn more

When I say this is extremely risky...I mean this is EXTREMELY risky!

This market is like the Wild Wild West, it's full of unscrupulous developers scamming people everyday.

It's full of "rug pulls" & honeypots...
It's also full of insane returns, faster, easier, than any other tactic I have seen in over 10 years of making money online...

Like this coin I called below...3,078% returns in under 2 hours....

Before we talk about the fun stuff...

Let's talk about the 2 scams that you need to avoid:

1) A "rug pull". This is when the developer of the new token allows buys and sells but removes the liquidity after a certain amount of time, walking away with all of the money. If there is no liquidity, the coin has no value, and you cannot sell it back.

2) A "honeypot".  This simply means you can buy but you can't sell.

If I had to guess at least 85% and upwards of 95% of these new token launches fall under 1 of those scam types.

Most people just say "screw this crap!" after being scammed a few times, luckily for you I am not most people. 

I couldn't ignore the insane returns possible, even though I kept buying into rug pulls & honeypots losing thousands of dollars in doing so...


I just couldn't find anyone freely sharing a system, strategy, or a better way. I had to take matters into my own hands.

So I got to work using all of the data from my personal experiences, looking at historical data, and the picture became much clearer to me... didn't take me long before


  • I was beating rug pulls
  • I was avoiding honeypots
  • I was consistently seeing returns
  • I was winning more and losing less!
I started to share my system with everyday people and something funny happened... they were winning more, losing less, and asking me for help...

(a call is when you call out a token to look at to a group of people)

...more an more people wanted to know how I am to find such good tokens to get buy & sell...

Even though I wasn't paid to help, no one asked me to help, I wanted to help & the more I helped, the more people were winning.

It got to a point where people were semi-joking about wanting me to manage their own spends...
RyMac PoocoinProfits Testimonial
I kept freely helping people, they kept winning, and they kept thanking me for helping ... 
RyMac Poocoin Profits Testimonial
RyMac poocoinprofits
RyMac testimonial
I could bore you all day with images like that...and truth be told, that is only a FRACTION of the people I've helped & that thanked me for going out of my way....

I didn't have to.

It's in my nature to help people, but...
...The demand for my help has simply become overwhelming & it's forced me into making this guide for everyone who needs it & anyone who wants it...
Poocoin Profits
My unique and systematic approach to daily profits with shitcoins.

Does any of this sound like you?
  • You have extra cash & losing some will not put your family at risk
  • You believe I can help
  • You don't blame others for your own decisions
  • You don't mind taking risks
  • You want to leverage my thousands in losses & testing to shortcut your success
  • You can dedicate 30 minutes to each trading session
  • You understand you can't win them all
  • You are brand new to crypto & want to know know the best way for daily returns without become a day trader
  • You are seasoned crypto holder & are looking for a way to profit daily
  • You have a full-time job & looking for a way spend 30-90 minutes a day to make some extra income
  • You thrive on high-risk high-reward situations
"What if I don't have any experience & I am not a "techie" type of person?"
That's the beautiful thing about my system!

No experience or technical know-how just few simple steps and you're ready to trade.

Hell, I've never been a trader, I don't come from Wall Street, I've already shown you my background...

so let's talk about what what this system is so you know what it isn't:
  • It's easy to do. It just requires the internet, time, and money. 
  • Works incredibly fast. The system is designed to be efficient with your time & see quick results. Your first win could come within seconds of your first trade.
  • Doesn't require a lot of money. You can start with as little or as much as you want depending on your budget and adversity to risks. Some people start with $5...others start with $500. It's up to you.
  • Provides you with a game plan. The 1 thing I noticed helping so many people is that they were just winging it, hoping, and "playing it by ear" - this provides you with a game plan.
  • Produces the fastest returns on investment I've ever seen. I have seen a lot over the last decade. Nothing I've can generate daily returns this fast. 
  • This isn't "day trading", no chart reading necessary. This isn't teaching you how to day trade (even though you're making trades daily) & has nothing to do with reading charts! I will go over basic chart stuff for those interested though.
  • Learn Human Psychology & To Trade Logically. Probably the most undervalued part of this course. You need to understand how emotions run trades, and how using emotions to make decisions will wreck you. This system was designed to help you remove emotions & stay logical!
"Poocoin Profits flat out WORKS!"

3:59:35 PM UTC - $138.54 "buy" 
4:03:17 UTC - $256.54 "sell"
In 3 minutes & 42 seconds I made $118 on this trade

PooCoin Profits Results

$970.10 buy & $7,816.63 sell - 8x'ed THE SAME DAY.

$36.90 buy & 29 minutes later $112.20 sell

RyMac Poocoin Profits

$1940.20 in & the next trade is $8,770.11 out!

$107.56 in & minutes later $226.11 out!

$77.83 in and 7 minutes later $1711.29 out for 23x return!

$36.90 in & less than 30 minutes later $63.27 out!

$83.46 in & 73 minutes later $171.98 out!

$36.90 in... $163.05 out!

Buy low...sell high... over & over again...

Another double up in minutes...

So the question on your mind is...
"How Much?"

Well, let me ask you…

"What would you pay to to leverage easily over $10,000 of my mistakes & learn from someone who's transacted deep into 6 figures in just a few months so you don't make the same ones, and have a proven system to sticking in $1 and getting back $2, $3, or even $30 back within minutes?"

But before you answer that question, I want you to consider this…

No one is really freely sharing information about shitcoins, almost everyone keeps their secrets close to their vest... why?

Because in order for them to you win, you have to lose.

That's how trading works.

I want us all to eat, there is plenty of space for everyone to profit, and plus...I've seen enough idiots in the space - trust me, we are going to be winning for a long, long time while the idiots keeping taking L's.

You'll learn…
  • How to get set up & ready to trade in just a few simple steps ( if you're brand new to crypto)
  • 1 simple technique I use to beating a rug pull (the beauty is in it's simplicity)
  • How I quickly sift through tokens to make a decision & pick the best approach ( the system is about efficiency & being quick)
  • Human psychology & how to keep your emotions in check so you have the proper mentality to trade (probably the most important and undervalued part of the system)
  • How to spot a honeypot scam a mile away (these are unbeatable, if you buy into them, you can't sell!)
  • How I determine which tokens are worth holding longer than other tokens ( not all tokens are created equally)
  • How I determine when & how much profits to take ( people lose money not doing this right)
  • How to "read" charts without needing to know all the technobabble bs ( it's way easier than you think, and you don't even need to know how for my system!)
  • Which groups I follow & the 1 group I literally "ape" into any call they make & why I do that ( you should always do your own research, there is just 1 group I don't)
  • 1 sneaky attribute of a token that tells you it's more than likely not going to make it long term so you can plan accordingly ( it's funny because most people thinks this means the token is safe)
  • BONUS VIDEOS: I've included some live trades I made, showing how to buy/sell dips and talking through them to show you how NOT to panic buy/sell.

So what would you expect to pay for a program that cost over $100,000 to to figure out & will give you a unique system you can use immediately to profit? 

And, yes, I've spent and made a tremendous amount of money on block chains, I'm not just saying that to say are just a few of my transactions...

I just showed you 3 wallet's of the dozens & dozens I have with over 5,842 transactions totaling 162 BNB at current value of $484 is $78,408 & 28,320 MATIC at current value of $41,064

$119,472 in transactions within a FEW a fraction of my total transactions.

And those are only SOME of my transactions...I honestly just got bored taking screen shots and figured you'd get the point...

Again, I ask you what would you expect to pay... $119,472? 

Well, of course not. Not even $1,000, which you could make back your first WEEK. ..

$200? (you can make that back your first day)

$100 (is what I wanted to sell it for)?

$50 (it would be a steal at this price)?

I want to make the barrier as low as possible & I ultimately want as many people to have access to this system without it being completely devalued and FREE (no one appreciates free).

You can...
Grab Your Copy of Poocoin Profits
Now For Only $99 
The button vanishes when timer hits zero, so I can rework this offer and raise the price
Lifetime Refund Policy: Show me you used my system and it did produce favorable results, and I will gladly refund you. It could be 1 day, or 300 days from now, it doesn't matter...I am that confident in the results people are already seeing.
Secure payments through Stripe...
P.S. - if you're skimming and just wanted to see what the offer was... for just $9, you're getting a systematic approach to daily returns with crypto that has over $100,000 in trades behind it. @ 2021 - How To Consistently Win Daily with Crypto Poocoins About me | Earnings Disclaimer | Contact
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