RyMac, USMC Veteran
Scared Money Don't Make No Money 
Hi, I'm RyMac. I'm self-made. I'm self-paid for just about a decade. You're about to learn a shit-ton about me & maybe I'll get to learn about you.
As you're about to see, I've innovated more revenue generating systems, in more markets, than I can honestly remember & more importantly for you I've trained well over 10,000 entrepreneurs, part-time hustlers, and good people just like you on how to use my systems to profit.
I made a little money here, a little money there as far back as 2006 utilizing the internet when I was the dude on the bottom left, a broke Marine trying to provide his young family the nicer things they deserved.

But in December of 2011 this $797 payment from a business to me changed everyfuckingthing. As you're about to see...
WARNING: Grammar nazis will be the first to go ,bet it. Fuck punctuation.

You're here for 1 reason, to be a creeper. I'm cool with it.

I'd want to know if the guy whose stuff I am about to buy is trustworthy as well. I have more shit about what I've done & people I have helped than you will be able to go through. I promise.

I think this sums me up best, here's a keynote I gave long ago to a room of 90 entrepreneurs who each paid $1,000 to be there. 

Yes, everyone in this room paid $1,000.You can click through here to see the archived page. or click here for a screenshot if the archived page gives you issues
... Oh yeeaah!

...being interviewed on Entrepreneur on Fire (EOF)... was pretty fun.

Fun Fact about EOF:
In 2012 it's first year did $65,000 & netted about $29,000 & since then, my guy John has done over $20,000,000 revenue which netted $15,000,000. Pretty cool huh? 

Just click the image below...
rymac entrepreneur

Putting myself out here like this makes me vulnerable to ridicule, which is fine...all that matters to me is that I can look myself in the mirror every night & know I made a difference.

Can the haters you're going to meet in this letter say the same? 

I get to do whatever the fuck I want on any day that ends in "y". 

When someone first realizes that I live life on my own terms, they usually go:

"You're lucky"

I politely let them know to eat a dick for trying to diminish my hard work and dedication to helping others.

It's not luck, it's pure fucking skill.

I didn't win the "you get to do what ya' want" lottery...

...That seemingly innocuous comment tells me everything I needed to know about that person's current situation...even if I don't know them.

I also know it won't be long before they don't like me & start doing the things you will see below...but before we get into them.

My focus has really been in more entrepreneurial geared verticals...

...so I was very intrigued when I recently stumbled into the shitcoin market of crypto. I had soooo many questions, like...

"Did people do this full time? Did they try to build consistent strategies for predictable income? What data points and metrics are they focused on to make their decisions? What is the risk adversity? What's goals or plans do they have going into a token? Where can their be improvements to the status quo? what is the status quo? haha, that's funny, it's a pile of pop for a logo...and wtf is slippage? how did I just make thousands of dollars on something called porn rocket & cummies?

.........ok, I AM IN"

What I found out was people don't do this full-time, most of them haven't seem to have formulated any real system or frame work to follow.

They aren't big on historical data, trends, and most are taking risks they shouldn't, and they're just shooting from the hip.

But, this makes complete sense beeccaauusseee....

From what I can gathered many of the people in shitcoins are good people with careers they love such as paramedics, GMs of a restaurant, nurses, firemen, HR managers.

Meaning, people that you are not seeking a path towards entrepreneurship but rather just trying to figure out a way to make some extra cash in their spare time.

I don't think they realize they're playing roulette and betting numbers straight up looking for that ball to drop on their number for that 33:1 payday, or maybe they do and this is their dirty little secret?

It's mainly just good people, looking for some extra scratch, but routinely getting fucked over by their lack of a plan in a market comprised of way too many people with big time integrity issues,

Ya' know those cock sucking, SCAMMERS.

It's an easy out to blame a scam artist, I mean good people can make bad decisions.

I'm no saint.

That's not to say that these scam artists don't deserve to stub their pinky toe daily for the rest of the time they are converting oxygen to carbon dioxide...

But bro, let's be real...

...there is no one to blame but yourself when you take an L. No one had a gun to your head, and made you trade.

If you disagree with that, I can't fucking help you. 

You should have planned better and you wouldn't 'have been scammed...

So don't you give yourself an easy out on that, own it.

Then figure out how to become the house, figure out how to be more efficient in your trading, figure out what you could do better ... not what they did wrong

I've also spent a lot of time helping a lot of people shitcoin with a different mindset, focus, and system... some just ignored me and went to the craps table...but some have made substantial amounts of money as well.

I've decided I want to help the nurse, paramedic, garbage man, and all of the good people, just like you on as broad of a level as I can reach.

That's why you're here, you want to know if I can help you...ya' creeper McKreeps.

I want to change your mindset and give you a new approach to your part time gambling habit...and that is the essence of Poocoin Profits.

Wait, isn't what I am doing called doxing myself? 

I think the cool kids want a pat on the head for doing what I am doing? It seems like doxing is the rage right now...people just throw up a stock photo and go

"we're doxed! now pat me on the back and give me a cookie"


I'm going to fill this page with some various videos & content I've created over the years so you can see who I am, how I think, and all the different shit I mastered so that I could innovate. 

And, if you actually take the time to learn about me, I'll take the time to learn about you as you go through  my trainings & benefit from my calls.

Take a minute or two on each video and see how I figure things out, and how people respond.

Take more than a minute or two if you think you're going to win this bet.

Throughout this letter, I will show you the type of idiots to avoid.

The haters who hide their faces & prey on good people. I don't like spending much time on negative shit because they just want the attention from me that mommy & daddy didn't give them. 

Like this 1 guy who launched a token called:

RyMac is a Faggot

...called me a scammer, said I was a developer who rugged tokens, said I was like 4 or 5 different people in a psycho rant about editing out my kids foul language....

and then went on to make scam coins. laced with foul language...
what a weak ass play.

He even bought rymacisafaggot.com...  for.fucks.sake ... but he was such a broke ass bitch, he couldn't keep it hosted...

Wait, .... Why are you looking at me like that? .... ohhhh, I get it...you want receipts. 

...BRUH, I can't make this up....
He even made a TG so you know it's real: https://t.me/RyMacIsAFaggot

I spun this hater up so bad that ...  he actually made that coin, registered a domain about me for 1 year, made a telegram, attracted a miserable crowd of people, and then he scammed them & made several more scam coins in the name of hate & misery...the only smart thing he did was protect the whois information 


/begin short rant

This is the first attention I have given it, so I know it must have driven him crazy, and I am also substantiating my earlier statement that I leave my self vulnerable to ridicule by putting my self out here like this. 

If not me then who?

This is how it started, literally:

He called me a scammer in a group we are in, I called him broke ass bitch, and told him never attack my integrity...

It was just an educated guess that he was in fact a miserable, broke ass bitch.

He's always on the sidelines "oh, I am too late," "probably a scam, passing on this one" - for weeks all he did was FUD, never invested a dime, never provide value.

He is miserable, and misery loves company and he will drag ANYONE down with him...

...so he LOST his shit on "broke bitch" , so I keyed in on that

...  "yep, this dude gonna' be easy money"  and holy shit, was I right? or was I right? 

When my 9 year old, who is also the BIGGEST daddy's boy IN THE WORLD & a fucking LION who knows his dad is a Marine and doesn't sugar coat how fucked up the world really is and always gives it straight no chaser, saw me walking around on the phone like:

"That's a Benz SL550 AMG
That's a Beamer Baby Mamma Mobile X5
That's a brand new $60,000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Summit
That's my front porch, oh look - there is a PGA tour certified golf course I can piss on, wanna' go bs' with the golfers? I bet they'll call you a broke ass bitch too

He knew something was up, because Dad doesn't do shit like that, and he was ready to ROLL.

... so he asked if he could call him a broke ass bitch too, he didn't want someone messing with his Dad, I was so damn proud..."go ahead, son let er rip"

That's my DUDE.

My kids already know the world is a fucked up ass place, this isn't a fairytale we live in, work hard for and earn your keep, that I teach them right from wrong, don't lie, steal, cheat, always do the right thing even when no one is looking...

...never start a fight with a bully but
always end it & I'll never be mad if you're sticking up for yourself or your brothers, family is important....

... a piece of paper doesn't define a man, it's the value he puts into the world and the way he treats others that defines him, and the #1 most important thing my kids know:

Don't be a commie.
/end short rant

Your perspective is your reality, really quick I'm just curious bro...are you:

1) An Ass Man

2)A boob Guy

3) Or you one of those dudes into bald men checking their phone? 
I knew you were into some weird shit, smh.


This first training video below is one that I gave to someone else's audience, and these were (and still are) very high-level and successful entrepreneurs...

Tanner is the guy talking who asked me to come on last minute for him and teach his people stuff...him and I go way back. He knew he could count on me to provide some good shit for his people in a pinch.

...notice his remarks on how quickly I picked up Facebook marketing and innovated a systematic approach inside of like 2 months... he had done nothing but facebook for yeeeeaaarrs.

Shitcoins are no different with respect to how quickly I picked up, mastered the niche, created a system, consistently produce results with system, and then teach serious people the system.

Oh, and to date Tanner & his systems have generated over $400,000,000 - like I said, these are high level people...if you're into ecommerce or you just want to see the type of crowd, I highly suggest you check his stuff out by clicking the blue thingy 1 sentence up.

Here's the video where I share my unique target strategies & how I automated the process:

I love the challenge of disrupting the status quo with the goal of making a difference in a complete stranger's life.

You know how many times I have been told I can't do something, it won't work...and I did it and it fucking worked?

A shit-ton of times.

Hell, my entire family told me I was stupid for quitting my 6 figure job to start my own businesses 10 years ago. 


I truly believe in my heart of farts, we are all born a certain way:

Gay people are born gay.
Comedians are born funny.
Midgets are born to midget.
Introverts are born introverted.
Entrepreneurs are born Entrepreneurs.

Not that you can't learn to like the same sex, how to be funny, become short or a shorty, be quiet around people, or how to be an entrepreneur.  

I was born to not have a boss, figure shit out, and lead people in a the right direction. 

One of the firsts examples of how I disrupted the status quo & was told "no way that works dude" isssss:

A multi-paged sales letter I wrote that gave visitors ample opportunity to click off my page, get lost, and never make it to the "call to action"

Traditional "sales letters" are written & designed to drive the visitor to your buy button. Well, I wrote a sales letter that did the exact opposite & I called people out that owed me money.

They said it wouldn't work...what happened?

I attracted the right people to me, and disqualified the right people, and ended up with thousands of customers that were ACTION TAKERS...

..not whiny ass excuse makers.

Whiny asses and I just don't get along.

It changed the way many people made money online, started many people down the road they wanted to be on, and created many, many, many success stories out of the 2,000 customers of just that 1 product..

Math: $100 product + ~2,000 customers + Arm chair marketers = $200,000 letter that didn't work.  

Check out just a fraction of a fraction of the results & comments about the innovative system that the training covered:
rymac testimonial
...and if you're interested in the multi-paged letter that wasn't supposed to work ...below is an image of the landing page and if ya' wanna' read the letter, just click the image...or the blue thingy just up and to the left.

By the way, my blue thingys' are clickable.

It should bring you to the archived version.
rymac testimonial
Maybe it's the Marine in me and I don't want to leave a man behind, or maybe I just don't want people to think I did something half assed, or maybe I really fucking care? 

Either way....

I had to make the video below because I didn't do a good enough job explaining the 1 part of the system in the Tshirt Tango dealing with testing

So I cut this video to make sure everyone understood what I meant

I'll be doing the same for my Poocoin Profit customers - you're feedback, questions, and asking me to clarify only helps everyone, more than likely if you need clarification...so do others...


All that I ask is...

Be patient with me, please & thank you (it's been a while since I tried to concisely share a new system), plus I am trying to take the madness in my brain-housing-group and put it into words, and by madness I mean shit like this excerpt from a system I shared:

Every system I've innovated just felt like "common sense" too me, even my sales webinars disrupted the status quo...

I can't tell you how many times I was told...

THEM: "You can't teach stuff on the webinar, or they won't buy"

Sometimes people just talk, and they have no fucking clue what they're talking about. It makes them feel special in a way their parents didn't.

These are equivalent to the FUDers that you have to be mindful of in the shitcoin market, even if you know it's FUD, you still allow a sliver of doubt to creep in... and you're WRECKED.

ME: "....lol, k bro...sooo

...Here's my average daily profits from teaching stuff on webinars & then selling on the same webinar, so what the fuck do you know again? SO you're saying $10,000 in revenue in 1 day at 61% profit margins isn't good? Please, show me the way..."

To be fair, I did only do $4200 in daily revenue at 55% profit margins sometimes tho'

Webinar system: Provide value, teach a process, offer not needed advanced training or software automation that turned the process from 60 minutes to 6 minutes. 1 live call, 3-7 day e-mail sequences.
I digress.

What I am trying to say is..

No one was actually teaching anything on a sales webinar...they were just enticing people & poking pain points (emotions) to get them to buy.

Emotions (pain, fear of missing out, et)  pull out the credit card.

These sales tactics work online, & they can work really fucking good...but I don't like my time wasted & I wanted people to at least leave smarter from which they came...whether or not they invested in my shit or not.

I saw my disruption to the status quo, It made sense to not only be different, but make a difference & differentiating between the two was a a seemingly daunting, and difficult for damn near everyone.

I didn't want 1 single person ever going "that was a waste of fucking time"

Time is our most precious asset, you never get that shit back, even right now I appreciate the time you're spending with me (even though you're not winning a bet)

I just choose to actually teach people stuff, and if they wanted to buy more advanced stuff, cool then here it is.

If they wanted to buy the software or automation I had built for myself out of necessity, to automate the process I just taught them, cool. 

If they just wanted to get as much free information as they could from me, and not in a position, cool as well. 

It was a goal that whatever I was going to sell on a webinar was NOT NEEDED to make what I taught on the webinar work, and that was why my webinars fucking crushed...

AND I HAD A FUCKING BLAST DOING THEM. If you actually take the time to listen to 1, you will see jut how much I thrived on the interactions.

Disrupted. Provided value. Didn't need to sell what was for sell. Just wanted to make a difference. 

Here is a sale webinar where I shared my unique sequential marketing system

... oh, and I also bet everyone on the call $100 (100s on the call)...

...also, something no one else did....

Kinda' like I just bet you...and why tf haven't you left yet? You're stubborn ain't you? 

I don't use the word innovated lightly, you can google "sequential marketing" and see people using exactly what I coined way back when...

I was the first one to teach long, long ago (check the dates), because, like... I fucking said it & then it got shared and copied :)

And you know what's crazy? ...

I didn't even consider myself good at FB marketing, or retargeting, or copywriting... yet 1000s of people improved their financial situations because of what I innovated in just those 3 niches.

I was and still am a fucking beast at SEO, you just never forget your 1st.

As proud as I am in what I was able to accomplish with FB marketing stuff and the impact it made on those people...

I am the most proud of what I accomplished in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Niche. 

Unlike buying ads on Facebook, SEO is a patience man's game, it's an artform & I am not a patient man & I certainly am no artists. 

It was the ultimate challenged for me

You have to do some things and wait, see the result from the things you did, then do some more things ...and wait. Rinse, repeat. That was the status quo.

It's just not sexy and doesn't feed humans need for instant gratification.

It's an algorithm based thing, and Google is always trying to change their algos to fuck shit up for guys like me.

Really, it doesn't matter what they do - my results will always be wedged into the search engines. 

It seems very difficult to do, it's intimidating to do, and therefor people just didn't want to do it.

It is all of those things, but I was able to not only master it, but I made it my bitch & then teach it in a way that it made people go

"wait, I can do this" 

This made more people actually try it and the shit I teach fucking works, a lot of people were able to have tremendous results, make a lot of money, and build their own agencies. 

Changing their personal financial & their time freedom situation. 

The systems I created for SEO will still work to this very day too. The things I've done to the search engines should be illegal.

 ...Not to brag, that's just to say there should be a trend you're noticing...

I create "systems" not fly by night gimmicks. I want people to utilize my systems and have the confidence to make as little as much money they want...

 The Facebook targeting stuff is a system. The sequential marketing stuff is a system. My sales webinars is a system. Poocoin Profits is a system.

My seo stuff...

a system. 

And these systems will all stand the test of time. 

Generally SEO results fall off if you stop working on them....not this guys, take this company below.

They're still number 1 for the toughest word in that city to get #1 & the ultimate branding and leveraging for that company.

Since they are #1 for seo company in that city, don't ya' think it's going to be easier to sell SEO? 


I worked on this company's seo several years ago, not this year, not last year, not the year before that,or the year before that...:

 SEVERAL years ago.
I was paid a tremendous amount of money to build the system's infrastructure and train people on how to use the system I built so they could replicate my results.

Then I trained the sales team how to sell it better and ask for way more.

They were asking for like $200 a month or some stupid shit... I was closing $5,000 a month deals with a sales guy on my hip watching me do it.

Who the fuck you know can master algorithms, teach people how to do it successfully, and then sell the service for top dollar? 

At least 1, you know me.

It's been years...And the other so-called SEO companies still can't beat them.


Here's another example of an SEO campaign I have not touched in years, and years, and years... this guy is a small low 7 figure business that sells "container handlers" & he is fighting multi-billon dollar businesses 

He's still in the top 3 for just 1 word I randomly searched, go ahead search for your self. He is also the only one in the organic search with the hyperlinked text (arrows in image) - just like the Ads that people paid for :)

Oh, and by the way:

...the goal of an seo campaign (a group of words you want to rank for) is not to be #1 for everything because that's impossible. You want your keyword profile to average top 3...why?

Because, 85% of the traffic on Google chooses the top 3 organic listings. It's science. 

And by the way, you know how much those damn things sell for? A SHIT-TON. 
ryan mckinney rymac
The very first dollar I made online was because of SEO, it's just near and dear to my heart. That was that $797 image at the very start of this letter. 

When I started doing SEO over 10 years ago - it was like vodoo, and no one believed in it. No one wanted to buy it either because they had been ripped off by companies promising them shit that was never, EVER, going to happen.

The problem with SEO as I saw it:

1) Results took time & were painfully slow to obtain
2) A lot of gimmicky, full of shit companies ripped off business owners with fairy tale promises
3) It was devalued because of these dickhead companies who also sold it for cheap as shit
4) It wasn't sexy

And this was the FIRST thing I decided too master, sell, and figure out - the most scammed, least sexy, and slowest to result niche there was. 

So I figured out how to get SUPER quick results, make money for companies before they ever knew I existed, which positioned it's value where it should have been, and I made it fucking sexy. 

I created a system to get lightening fast results & close clients for top dollar with SEO. 

I called it "offline legion" because you were able to create a legion of lead-gen assets (PUNNNZZZ),  I send the leads to a company that was identified within my system without the company knowing ( I know because I tracked the calls) , then calling up casually to close them on SEO. 

Me: "hey, I just wanted to check on that emergency plumbing job the other night, I sent you the referral and wanted to make sure you were able to take care of  them"

Unknowing commercial plumber: "Yeah, it all got taken care of thanks..."

Me: "Sweet! Hey, really quick, man look.. I get calls like this ALL of the time & I am not even a plumber, can I just start sending these leads your way?" 

Them: "ugh... sure? why are they calling you all of the time?  ...that job the other night was a $5,000 job... so yeah send em' my way "

It's a wrap from there.

They're sold and didn't even know they were being sold. People love to buy shit, but they hate shit being sold to them. 

PLUS NO ONE was providing value to businesses owners FIRST & then asking for business, everyone just wanted to take from businesses owners.

I disrupted their status quo of what an SEO guy was...

Putting 1000s and 1000s of ethical SEO companies in business by having them replicate my system.

And then I sold this system for $9 fucking dollars, it was the first "information" product I had ever sold...I didn't know what to expect..I just knew what I did flat out fucking worked.

And then this happened:

Do you think I made a friend for life , or nah? 

I took a seeming complex thing (SEO), made it seem simple, so people took action to actually try it, then they got crazy results, making them believers that SEO works AND they made tremendous amounts of money. 

I did the impossible, I made SEO fucking sexy. 

I even made live case studies on how to rank something with 25 minutes of work and $25 and that case study (had I not made it public) would have made me over $8,000 if I had used it to land clients. 

I recorded this "live watch me how I do this so you can replicate it" & then I shared the results of my rapid rankings...

The next 3 videos:

First: The process ( easily replicated, cheap, has a high value)

Second: The 2 day results (no one thought was possible at the time)

Third: I closed the product to down, and then 1 year later I opened it back up (buying pressure), I went back to the case study I made & showed them how my system of 25 minutes of work, $15-$25 bucks in spend, produced over 75 calls to a niche that are high ticket Jobs are $2500-$150,000+ (getting contracts with  local small govts etc, I know because I've generated those leads) -

Explaining how and why to pick niches the way I do, how to value your service, time, make more with the same amount of work, script frame work, 


Here goes....

#1 - They've read "how to" & get excited...They now can watch "how to", which makes them go "that ain't hard, I need to do this"

It also further cements in their brain-housing group (read, see, hear) 

#2 - Now I can update them with results & get them REALLY excited, so more people will actually DO IT, and since it works...

...more people have favorable and unexpected results, more people are believers in entrepreneurship, more humans winning.

How do you think I have so many damn testimonials?

...and you've only seen a fraction of a fraction of them

#3 - I closed the course when I said I would, driving REAL scarcity: shit or get off the pot and creating insane buying pressure...

1 year later when I opened the course back up for new customers, taught higher level stuff like the easily forgotten thing to price into cost, easy way to make twice as much money, power in branding and how easy it is to do, while using what I did a year ago as proof source.

That 1 simple process & video from #1 & #2 generated  ~75 calls in a niche where the jobs can range anywhere from $5,000, $10,000 & even $100,000+ contracts...

That 1 video could of put 6 figures of revenue into that type of company, EASY... you think you'd have a high-paying client for life? 

And if you played your cards right, that 1 video EASILY could have built you're own 6 figure business. 

If you're wondering how, you definitely didn't watch my very first video on this page where I share how I used 1 client to build my first 6 figure business. 

It's ok IF YOU HATE ME, sheesh.

Oh, yeah... remember when I said this shit I do in the search engines last forever? When everyone thought you had to constantly do shit? 

How about I made that case study in 2013 OVER 8 FUCKING YEARS AGO... and that fucker is STILL ON THE FIRST PAGE. 


SEO is an art, and I was just painting my Mona Lisa...

This is where shit got REAL....

I figured out how to "rank" something that never fucking happened. 

Let me explain briefly to people that have 0 clue about search engines, web pages etc:

Step 1) You have an idea
Step 2) You start to draft your idea online, but you never formally publish the idea to the web, the search engines can't see it because it doesn't exist yet
Step 3) You're ready, so you publish your webpage or upload your video to the internet
Step 4) You tell the internet "PSST! I'm on the internet please come find me
Step 5) You wait to get indexed
Step 6) You work on making the thing climb up the search engines in as you have other people in the search engines vouching for you "yeah, him? he is cool (these are back links)

I was able to rank step 1. 

I HADN'T EVEN PUBLISHED THE DRAFT... BUT I WAS RANKING. I was ranking shit that never happened. 

This changed everything, like EVERYTHING. 

this was my Mona Lisa... check her out:

This was a "hey I may do something but I haven't screen...and I saw that the search engines were finding & indexing them... this got me wet. 

This was when Google first started having "hangouts". We used the hangouts private to conduct business meetings, I mean it was free damn video conference & we could dial phones out of it - no brainer.

Then one day I noticed something... it wasn't very obvious or in your face, it wasn't advertise , it just caught my eye...

The hangout window now had a little area that listed an embed code. Well, you don't list an embed code if you don't plan on being spread across the internet...

I was like "Why in the hell do we have an embed code on our hangout? Google owns YouTube, Hangout is a YT service... Google probably favors and likes these... "

So I started testing, and the first damn thing I realize is Google spiders were ALLL over draft hangouts that never were published, spiders crawl assets to index them. 

So then I started building tiers of sites, interlinking them, and spreading the embed on brand new webpages (take days, weeks to index a new webpage) and SON OF A BITCH, because of the way I spread them out... I was indexing brand new damn webpages too...

I went bat shit crazy, bec of the way I could tier social websites, hangouts, the embed code and interlink, then zap a 3rd tier with 10s of 1000s of social signals... I was completely destroying search engines.

I brought on some beta testers to see if I could get people to replicate my results and all of us, we were just taking over pages of Google... 
This was it, this was the thing where I went "how in the shit can I ever top ranking shit that never happened, having the first ever app in the Hangout market & completely creating a new SEO niche with Google hangouts?

I had the midas touch, I could go from:

How can I take this thing, and figure out how to make it THE BEST thing this thing has ever had?

Over, and over , and over again. 

I felt damn near invisible, by this time:

-Innovated FB targeting  methods & created software
-Innovated rapid fast rankings & client generation with youtube videos and god awful cheap fiverr ($5) gigs
-Innovated a multi-page sales letter technique
-Innovated and created an entire Hangout SEO market
-innovated techniques to use SEO and scale ETSY stores and created an ETSY product market (hadn't talked about that yet)
-innovated "Sequential marketing" and how to tell stories to people through data 

then, of course, what goes up... must come down...

Have you ever been kicked square in the fucking in the fucking nuts before? 

Like I mean, a clean shot?

I'd be full of shit if I sat here and told you I never faced adversity, and that my journey is all flowers and unicorn farts. 

It wasn't...

To this day, I'll never understand it, I wanted everyone to eat. I wanted everyone around me to make money.

I wanted to make as many people money as I could, because I figured they all would want to make me money as well. 

The more systems I figured out, the bigger my brand got, the more 0's I stacked for my businesses... the quicker it became evident:

I had some greedy people in my companies.

Do you know how much it cost to hire a forensic account to audit through multi-million dollars of revenues across several companies? 

I do, and they're not fucking cheap. I didn't even know such a position existed. 

"wait, it cost how much? FUCK YOU" - literally was my response. I couldn't grasp how I had to pay five figures to someone to "forensic" audit my companies accounts. 

I woke up 1 day and It was like I time traveled to my lawyers office. 

Now I come too... 

I'm in front of my lawyer, PISSED, locked out of my business accounts, emails, customer access, merchant accounts.

Now I am suing 2 different business partners at the same time, filing on the same day. 


This is where being the trusting person I am, wrecked me. I trusted everyone around me, and they took advantage of that... 


Guess who wins in lawsuits: THE FUCKING LAWYERS. 

When a lawsuit is filed, the business is not allowed to create new things, new productions, promotions, etc... it's only allowed to "maintain" until the lawsuit is settled. 

The money is frozen. 

For 8 months I couldn't do the thing I enjoyed doing: teaching, creating, jamming with my crew, nothing.

Salaries gone, bonuses, gone, just everything I worked so hard to build and the good will I had in the market place, I was the face of both brands... it was ripped away from me by jealous ass behind the scene greedy fucks. 

Not only that, my girl left me...Baby moms took em' up n' left. Didn't have the daily time with my boys that I designed my whole life around...

I was a bad country song, I shit you not.... my dog, Spike fucking ran away as well.

Now, it's just fucking me in this big ass house that I was so proud to provide my family at 26 years old, no degree, no boss,  now... my dudes are gone, my dog is gone, my girl is gone, my businesses are being disbanded, 

You know how empty & shitty it feels to wake up alone in a 4,000 sq ft home that was supposed to have little humans running around in? 

It. Fucking. Sucked.

So what did I do? I mastered pool. That's what I did...

I mean, shit... I had to do something. 

I wasn't allowed to do anything business wise until the lawsuits were settled. I always loved pool, I was always good at it since it deals with math, being strategic, predicting moves, every little millimeter difference where you strike the cue matters, the tip of the cue (hard, medium, soft) matters, deflection matters, how tight you grip your stick matters (you can make a rail throw an object back in an un natural looking angle with your grip), you can "throw" object balls to do your cutting because your english matters...

The angle of your cue, speed, everything damn detail most casual players over look, or don't even know exists ...matters on a pool table. 

It was my passion hobby, and I started putting in WORK. 

I was playing pool, gambling, hustling for the fuck of it, 40-60 hours a week.

It was like my only escape, when I lean over a pool table... nothing else around me even mattered. It was an after thought. 

 It became yet another notch in my belt, I could and  still can walk into any bar with a pool table, most pool halls, and I know for a fucking fact:

I am the best shooter in here. 

I can put the cue ball about anywhere I damn want. I can scan a rack as it breaks and already see my out to the 8 ball, or my first 4 shots into defense, where I would leave the cue ball to bait my opponent into a shot, know exactly what my opponent would do and where I'd be, and knew I was out on my next 4 shots. 

I know the best way to strike a rack to give your self the best chance to sink the 8 ball in the left side pocket, and I "snap"  8's on the break (win) about 5% of the time... which is unreal.

I can talk someone who know they're going to lose to me, into playing for a drink, and they will have a blast buying me drinks and losing.


It's easy, I provide value to them as I am beating them.

I ask if they would like suggestions, or if they would like another perspective... then I teach them something. 

So by time they're buying that first drink, they don't even know why but they're not even mad. It's because they like me, they feel like they owe me the drink from the value I work in...not that they lost to me.

The positioning I am able to build over that first game is key.

I can close anyone on a pool table, and generate an atmosphere where people are lining up to test me and I'm just lining drinks down the bar...

They never had a chance, they just saw a random dude in a hoodie and hat on, figured I was a bartender fucking off. 

Oh, you think you're cute with your defensive shot?

I can jump the ball from the sidepocket, over a ball spotted, keep the cue on the table and pocket a ball in the corner bro,...but it was a nice safety.

I ended up teaching people how to play pool, it's just in my fucking nature to help. 

I don't know what it is, but I have to compete , I have to be challenged & I love to teach

Next thing you know, I'm scouting shooters out around town like I'm scouting pitchers for an MLB team, I'm striking deals with bars to sponsor my team...

I had the only team in the two state area that was in a league and fully fucking sponsored.

I'm learning the handicap algorithms so I can game that, I am picking matchups, holding practices,  teaching people how to approach a pool game, how to think about things differently on a pool table. 

Why you don't take that easy shot right now, why you take this shot instead because if you make your shot, you have another shot, if you miss your shot, you've left your opponent in a shitty position.

Son of a bitch, I built me a system to gaming pool leagues algorithms that run handicaps, and I got a team with 3 ringers. 

We were winning our league session after session.... 


Still, I can't get rid of that itch...even though I am not supposed too, I'm sneaking around on the internet, figuring out ways to generate revenue...

I couldn't believe how much I was selling coffee mugs for, it was crazy...

One day I just happen to notice this woman on her phone, she kept showing her screen to another woman, and they were back and forth...

I didn't pay much attention other than I realized it was happening near me.

And I caught a glimpse...they were looking at this website called Etsy. 

"damn those ladies are giddy af about whatever is on that site" - what did I do?

Research mode. Naturally.

Wait, 100s of millions of buyers, mainly women,  with money to spend and willing to spend a premium because the shit is "hand-made", and "designs" are considered hand made even if I use a fulfilment company for something like a coffee mug? 


I went into systems creation mode and....

Within days I had a new Etsy store running $100+ dollar days...another notch completed

I had to hit up my buddy who owns a multi-7 figure fulfillment company...Gearbubble.com

I still remember when we were in a hotel room in Vegas and he told me about starting that company, It's been awesome to watch him grow it to what he has...

But, he was the first person I thought of. 

This is 5 years ago so or too still, no one was looking at ETSY the way that I was.

I had already had consistent $100-$200 days inside of a week or so, I had this mug that was black until it had a hot liquid in it, then it turned white....leaving the handle in the shape of a black C and revealed the design U N T 

To make it CUNT. 

It was rolling, people were paying damn near $30 or more for this thing, it cost me I think like $9 to have it made and shipped....

Those types of numbers in dropshipping are abnormal as shit, especially during this time...

I ended up creating another damn Market, I ghost launched a product teaching people how to grow an ETSY store through SEO .... 

What I started back then by stumbling onto Etsy, figuring out it's SEO, how to scale it quickly as that site let you...

Then I launched a product into the market that was full of "amazon drop shippers" behind a ghost name... 

There were literally ZERO Etsy product trainings then, now years, later, Etsy training and products everywhere. 

I had just enjoyed that figuring out a system, making it work, then people profiting off of that system... I had become a part owner in so man different ventures over the years, I took a look around at the market, at my life and what it had become (single, split custody, no family) and really just thought....


"You're fucking good bro, you're 30 years old, you've done some of the craziest shit, came up and created entire markets in internet marketing, you've mastered every damn niche in the market, you've done by 30 what most people never can do.....

And you did it in 5 fucking years...things like:
-Took a seemingly complex and not sexy thing, made it fucking sexy
-You've trained anywhere between 10,000 and 30,000 people, you will never know
-You've created a few dozen millionaires that you know of
-You've built a 7 figure consulting agency & lending company
-You've built a 7 figure publishing company
-You've built a 7 figure SaaS
-You've owned part of a rap label
-You've owned part of a shoelace compnay
-You've owned part of an air filtration company
-You destroyed every bank in the search engines with SEO
-You built and ran ecomm stores to 6 figures in weeks
-You've been paid 3 years in a row to talk to the Tampa Bay Business owners association on a marketing cruise to Cozumel
-You created a system for SEO that can't be touched
-You've made sequential marketing a thing
-You've ranked things that don't exit with Hangouts
-You've closed 6 figure business deal on the shitter
-You've written 7 figures in sales copy
-You've made 250K in 1 day on 1 webinar
-You created an entire Etsy product market for fuck sakes, it's 85% women
-You've done all of this inside of 5 years

You deserve to just fucking relax, and take a fucking break bro, enjoy your family, enjoy the freedom you built, enjoy the not having heard an alarm clock in fucking I don't know how long

And I fucking did.... this was ~5 years ago when I had that talk with my self....

Since that self talk, I've taken random consulting things to keep busy randomly, especially any good high ticket items where I make 3-5 phone calls a week and still put 2 or 3 grand of scratch in my pocket, because... 

Closing high ticket is fucking fun. 

I've written a few direct response or sales letters and/or relationship sequences, because 10 grand is 10 grand... 

But I've really just been.... chillen.

I mean hell, when I started writing this about me page, I was just going for like a paragraph or two... then I was like 

"oh yeah, I did that, and shit... I did do that" 

As I kept looking through old e-mails, etc etc.... I kept doxing my self, right... that's what the cool kids are doing as we discussed....

 That I have stupid amount of proof that I am just good at making systems that make people money, the shitcoin market is no different...

I mean, you were here to creep on me... and honestly, I could fill up this page with more and more shit as I keep coming across more and more shit... 

I mean, you buying my shit now or nah? 

I'm ready to get to work with serious people & it starts with Poocoin Profits. or this automated and blazing fast communication system

I'm 100 percent convinced that unless you're a HOLDR type crypto person, you need a better way to communicate with the block chain

If you don't do that - you're pissing in the wind.

and if you don't even know how the blockchains communicate, then holy fucking hell, I want to thank you. I need you to lose so I can win. 

Why would you not want to know how your money is traveling? why wouldn't you want to know how to not get charged so much crazy non-tokenomic type taxes via slippage?

Why would you do that over and over again and just watch your money get taxed away...

Ah, I know - you'd rather BITCH like a BITCH in a voice chat with some developer you don't even know...yikes, you're stupid as fuck bro.


LET ME ASK YOU A QUESTION: If this was your balance, and the value is $129,066.31 and you had to transact it all at 1 time

The standard tax for the token is 10% which is going to be ~$12906. in tax on tokenomics

To use Poocoin or Pancacke swap you have to use 25% which means you're paying $32,266.581

You know there is a way to not spend $32,266 because fuck the non-token slippage, and only pay the $12,900 tokenomics...

Would you want something different then? 

It's a HUGE fucking swing on money. 

Literally first week into shitcoins, I am like:

OK WTF, somethings gotta' be off here, I didn't realize how Poocoin swapper automatically did the slippage, and it was driving me nuts where chunks of money were going.. 

Once I figured it out , It was an easy decision to be like "fuck this, there has to be a better way and I am fucking doing it"

What's not fucking just fun buy about hitting "buy" and it fucking buys damn near instant with no o extra tax and then hit sell, and it fucking sells just as fast..no extra tax?

Do you even bot bro? 

This is where I stand with shitcoins....

This is one of the most intriguing opportunities to make money I have seen in a while, and I've seen a lot... 

I'm not going anywhere. I'm going to continue to want to do better, and I am going to continue to work with other like-minded, and serious people...

There's endless possibilities & these are exciting times. 

I mean, anything the govt wants to try and get involved in, regulate, and tax... HAS to be a good time right? 

Those greedy asshats...anywho

There are 3 types of people here:

1) Scamfucktards

2) Idiots

3) The rest of us trying to decide who to slap  first #1 or #2

Which are you? 

If you rollin with me, you take 1 , I got the other , and we just slappin' bitches.
I am genuinely fucking tired of talking about my self, It was super fun to dig back through old shit and just remember all the things that I had accomplished...and apparently being "doxed" is a rights of passage with this scam fuck ass crypto morons...

So, here I am, owning crypto, doing what I do - you gonna' come out and play?

This is the next chapter, in the book, I need some some new characters  you ins or outs? 

Always got your back,

P.S. Don't be a bitch, the world don't owe you a damn thing. 
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